Darcie Fawcett For Judge

 For over a decade, Fawcett has served as a prosecutor with extensive courtroom experience. She is in the courtroom on an almost daily basis, participating in courtroom hearings that include pre-trial conferences, bond hearings, Motions to Suppress, Petitions to Revoke Probation, obtaining No Contact Orders, restitution hearings, sentencing hearings, and ultimately jury trials.  As a Supervising Felony Deputy Prosecutor she works closely with the Probation Department, Community Alternative Supervision Program (CASP) and Court Administration.  Fawcett  also works alongside the Problem Solving Courts by making referrals so individuals with specific needs can take part in a coordinated strategy to problem-solve while creating an environment in which participants are encouraged to take responsibility for change. She embraces the broad integration of the problem-solving philosophy into the administration of justice to improve court processes and outcomes. 

Fawcett attended the IU School of Law from 2001-2004.  She has participated in the IU School of Law’s Child Advocacy Clinic, the Family Law Clinic, the Mediation Clinic, and the Protective Order Project.  As a Deputy Prosecutor in Marion and Monroe County, she has handled thousands of cases that ranged from public intoxication to murder. She is tasked with not simply obtaining convictions, but pursuing justice. Fawcett has developed a sophisticated understanding of the needs of the public, as well as the wisdom to determine a fair course of action in response to some of society’s most challenging situations. As a prosecutor, she is keenly aware of both her responsibility of power and her discretion.

Fawcett's dedication to equality extends beyond the courtroom. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she was selected as one of twelve education majors to teach in a specialized education program teaching underserved communities. After graduating, she was a teacher in three urban school districts: first in Bangkok, Thailand, and then in Chicago Public Schools, and finally in Indianapolis Public Schools. Working with diverse populations has provided her with insights that are essential to be a judge who pursues justice for all.

Fawcett takes community engagement seriously. She serves on the following boards and committees:     

  • President of the Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association
  • President of the Fairview Elementary PTO
  • Monroe County Human Right's Commission
  • Vice President of the Board of Park Commissioners
  • Bloomington Northside Exchange Club
  • Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone Board Member
  • Hospital Site Reutilization Steering Committee Member
  • Advisory Committee for the Unified Development Ordinance

For her outstanding  public service, Fawcett has received several community honors. In 2013, she was one of 40 applicants selected from over 175 applicants from across the state for the Democratic Emerging Leader Program. In 2014, the IU Student Media honored her with the Trevor R. Brown Award, which is given to a community member who believes in student journalism, serves as an advocate of the First Amendment, and who contributes to the valuable experience of the student journalists and the long-term success of student media at IU.

Darcie Fawcett is a single mother of two young girls: Maren, age 10, and Sophia, age 7.   She has lived in Bloomington since 2001.

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